true mixed-use

Carefully curated and highly architected, OneNorth delivers a true mixed-use experience in every sense.  OneNorth integrates luxury residential venues, neighborhood grocery, boutique shops and restaurants, health and wellness concepts, and reimagined workspaces around common amenities and high service in a walkable, yet easily accessible setting.



Culture embodies societal attitudes, preferences, and behaviors.  Culture also represents refinement and sophistication. These ideals converge in OneNorth’s functional and architectural design and are manifest in its range of luxury residential offerings and game-changing amenities.  A vibrant, flexible outdoor plaza reinforces the upscale culture of OneNorth and heightens its sense of community.



Commerce is both the exchange of goods or services and the interchange of opinions and ideas.  OneNorth embraces both.  From fresh grocery, to boutique retail, to coffee shop or plaza conversation, to reimagined corporate workplaces, OneNorth thoughtfully integrates manifestations of commerce to achieve synergy and sustainability.  OneNorth is at the same time a walkable community and a convenient, transit-oriented development.



Cuisine is a style or method of cooking, often characteristic of a particular region or locale.  OneNorth will curate local, authentic restaurant concepts, including those offering healthy and convenient choices reflective of the desires of its stakeholders (no pun intended!).